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How to Overcome Fear? 12 Needs
The main reason of fear, is threat of NEEDS' provision to be impeded. I will use fear of public speaking to give an example. Not all of these needs are valid for every fear in every situation. It might varies. But I tried to put everything together to make it detailed and put stars(*) at the beginning of the main needs. Lets see why are we afraid of public speaking.
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1) Physiological Needs: If this is a job opportunity, we might be afraid to not getting a job which could lead us to financial problems, as a result, we are not able to buy adequate food or water.
2) Safety: Financial problems could leave us insecure or even homeless.
3) Health: We can afford to see a doctor, if we have financial problems.
4)* Certainty: One of the main reasons we are afraid of public speaking. We can not control everything. We may skip a part or forget our word.
5) Future Safety : Losing a job opportunity or even having a low grade in a presentation before graduating from the university could risk one's future. Obviously, we are not doing public speaking for no reason.
6) Life Enjoyment: A failure in the attempt could leave the individual unhappy and prevent him/her from enjoying.
7) Love&Belonging: Failing in the school might cause a student's parents to get mad. As a result student might be afraid of losing love of the family.
8)* Respect&Appreciation: Another main reason for fear of public speaking. As humans we require acceptance of others and look attractive, successful or whatever to the eyes that are watching us.
9) Personality: We might have doubts on our personality which can lead us to a lower level of self-esteem.
10) Freedom: I do not see any reason to lose our freedom.
11) Mission: If we make a mistake, it might put our life's purpose in danger and create a sense of meaningless life.
12) Spiritual: If we do a bad job we might waste the times of the ones who have listened to us.

Yin-Yang Philosophy

How to Master Yourself? Yin-Yang Philosophy

The Concept

Majority believe that the famous symbol of Yin-Yang reflects religion, war, martial arts or even Korean Flag(I have no idea which Korea they talk about). In reality, Yin-Yang and its symbols reflects a different point of view. They describe that opposite or contrary concepts may actually be very compatible to each other. For instance; black and white, strong and weak, short and tall. If everyone had been the same height or strength, adjectives “tall” and “weak” would not have been included in dictionaries. Therefore; without weak, strong can not be exist.

Not Just Opposite

But not only contrary forces gets into this philosophy. Yin-Yang might also be referring to many things as long as they complete each other, such as men and women, space and time or MIND and BODY. Without women, men can not exist. For new generations to be born, men and women can not be separated. Likewise, the time(the forth dimension) can not flow without the first three dimensions which are the dimensions of the space.

Why is it important?

There are two underlined words in the previous paragraph. Mind and Body. For people to be mentally strong, they also have to keep a healthy body for their well-being. Have you ever wondered, why people become less intelligent as they get older. I have. Their bodies gets older with them as a natural response. An unhealthy body is going to struggle to keep a healthy brain as it struggles to sustain adequate amount of blood flow which assists the brain’s functioning. Without body’s health and natural strength, a mind can not serve with its full potential.
As Mustafa Kemal ATATURK states “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

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How to Overcome Depression? 4 Pillars

The concept

Depression is a mental disorder increasing generation after genetarion. It might occur for numerous reasons in different people. But reasons of depression have one identified core which is a LACK for a certain NEED.
When Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is analyzed(Even if it does not preserve its validity anymore), it is possible to see that there are variety of needs such as lack of love, respect, self-actualization or even safety that could trigger this painful headache.

What does depression do?

With a dangerous impact on blood flow, the amount of the blood that reaches the brain will decrease detrimentally which could easily lead to alzheimer, disfunctioning of organs, diabetes or even death. In the same way, depression could be deteriorating for the white cells in the blood which are called leukocytes that protects the body from any kind infectious diseases. Additionally, its pain is intolerable.

So, how to fight with depression?

Since its intense effect on brain, destroying our well-beings as individuals, priority would be keeping the brain healthy as much as possible. How do we keep it healthy?
Fish Oil: You do not have to listen to your brain cells’ scream, in order to understand their desire for omega 3 to reform themselves as the war goes on in there.
Exercise: The best cliche you have ever heard, and I want you to hear it again. There is no better way known than stabilizing the blood flow throughout the body which is the healthiest thing for the brain. Besides its lovely impact on serotonin, endorphin and dopamine levels, the hormones makes a person feel alive. Seriously.
Vitamin D: There might be countless supplements out there to provide vitamin D. But researchers urge that sufficient sun light could be the best option for ensuring it.
Social Satisfaction: This statement is not included for popularity or fame. Social satisfaction is not bounded with having so many friends or fans, shouting your name as you open your house’s door. It is bounded with having social connections. Having acceptance, belonging and a true bound among your social groups.
Some of these might be difficult to apply at the beginning as depression affects the mood and self-motivation. But once the benefits pop up, things will get better momentously.

Personal Growth

How to build a habit? Seinfeld Strategy

The Concept

Since human brain works on autopilot, habits can easily demonstrate their prominence and value in any area. Driving a car, brushing teeth or drinking water could be the examples of the brain working on the autopilot. Most of the actions people take in daily lives are represented by subconscious mind, rather than conscious mind. It is difficult to maintain an action that consumes willpower on a daily basis. On the other hand; once habits are built, it would be much more painful to procrastinate it than complete it.


Once these missions are owned, people can finally see a difference in themselves. Because conscious and subconscious minds are like two different sources of water. Conscious mind flows from a tiny tap whereas subconscious mind moves like the Atlantic Ocean. In the end, autopilot is going to reflect to
Social behaviours
Daily Goals
Good Nutrution
How to build habits?

There are numerous ways to form them. All of them requires self-discipline which makes them stick on the autopilot. Lack of self-discipline however, can ruin the whole process. But Seinfeld Strategy could be a perfect companion during the wars in our heads. It only requires to get a calendar and crossing the dates as completing the daily tasks. Existence of that little calendar would construct intense pressure that pushes the autopilot to do what needs to be done. After 21 days of crossing, a substantial difference will appear realistically


welcoming the new year in Persian calendar and also the Spring.. Some people in Turkey celebrates this by jumping across a big fire.

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to see the magic under our skin

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sleep sleep sleep

when i was a child

i assumed that there was a god who takes our photographs on thunderstorm...


It makes you stronger unless you die;)


I can't believe, there is a racist people on the world regrettably in 2017. It's awful.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd - I Need You

Friday Motivation

Don't need any motivation about Friday. Friday is a good day!

unlucky in 4 words

There isn't coffee.

Nintendo Switch

New page in console games.. I'm curious about New Donk City in Mario :D

Ed Sheeran

(See: Thinking Out Loud) Just listen...


Muslim is a term that contains all people who believe in Islam. It is not a religion. Islam is a religion. Men and women in Islam are Muslims . Being a Muslim has some conditions but it is parallel with Islamic beliefs.
However, Muslims seem like terrorists and unethical people because of that people in Islamic region did not follow the modern world and create new things to the new world. They only follow the person that they listen or watch on TV. They don't investigate and research the truth. That is why they are behind the new modern world and follow the wrong directories which cause many deaths with terrorist acts.


Traditional Africa-Brazilian dance. The main part of the Rio Carnival. Fast foot movements seems as if samba is a hard dance for me..

Samba School

Each samba school in Brazil has own rules. Samba ,originally African-Brazilian dance, is taught there. However, each samba school follows different rules that depends on the located neighborhood.

Rio Carnival

The most colorful and crowded carnival in the world.. People around the world dance and celebrate on 25th and 28th February. Samba schools represent their shows to the crowded on the street(See: Samba School). Of course,two million people per day dance samba on the street "FANTASTIC". (See: Samba)

Big Hike for National Defence from Trump

Does this make America great again? I don't think so... It is a threat for human being. Making some spendings to national defence cause negative tension between U.S and other countries. Trump exactly threats us.



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