Paradigms are the way we look at the world. People have their own perspectives and perception. Therefore, all of us experience different paradigms in every corner of the world. For this reason, Paradict tries to unify these paradigms at the same place in order to increase individuals’ attention to different perspectives.

“There Is No Truth. There Is Only Perception.” – Gustave Flaubert

For example, crosswalk may be fundamental part of traffic in your country but in other country it is totally meaningless because no one uses crosswalk there. To know that, you don't have to go there or you don't have to make friends from there. Paradict will provide the environment having these perspectives for you.

Everyone can share their opinion and definition in a concept of dictionary. This concept has own rules in order to show good quality entries. Entries can be informative, fun or whatever you want because our priority is connecting people who think differently.

Think outside of the box. Be creative and write what's on your mind.

Topics can be any subject, too. With our fixed left-side bar every current topics and trend can be seen in any second.

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