Nintendo Switch ( 2 )

New page in console games.. I'm curious about New Donk City in Mario :D

Rio Carnival ( 1 )

The most colorful and crowded carnival in the world.. People around the world dance and celebrate on 25th and 28th February. Samba schools represent their shows to the crowded on the street(See: Samba School). Of course,two million people per day dance samba on the street "FANTASTIC". (See: Samba)

Oscars 2017 Best Picture Crisis ( 1 )

This should not have happened in a huuuge organization like that. La La Land declared as a winner of best picture. However, Jordan Horowitz, La La Land producer, fixed the mistake and clarified the actual winner Moonlight which was very fairy movement...

Homeland ( 1 )

6. season of serie is broadcasted. Anyone watching likes Homeland.
I think, Homeland is awesome.

Super Girl ( 3 )

Probably born in one of the Scandinavian countries.
Super girl is very smart, and she has interests on so many topics which are includes from physic to art.
Due to she wants to stay healthy, she does sports.
And when people see her, thinks that she is the godness of beauty.

Yeap this is my fiction.

(See: Perfect Girlfriend)

St. Valentine's Day ( 1 )

I heard different stories:
One of them, a woman having a platonic boyfriend sent a gift ,which is her photo, to him on this day and the tradition started.
Another story is known as usual. St. Valentine was a father in a Church at Roman Empire. Once, Marriage for young couples was prohibited by Rome. However, St. Valentine kept continue to marry these couple in secret. On 14th February, he catched and got killed for this action. Since then, couples celebrates this day as St. Valentine's day.