Life of a programmer ( 0 )

Newroz ( 1 )

welcoming the new year in Persian calendar and also the Spring.. Some people in Turkey celebrates this by jumping across a big fire.

Why we are here ( 3 )

to see the magic under our skin

Pain ( 2 )

It makes you stronger unless you die;)

current song ( 1 )

Lynyrd Skynyrd - I Need You

Friday Motivation ( 1 )

Don't need any motivation about Friday. Friday is a good day!

3-word summary of my life ( 5 )

sleep sleep sleep

Muslim ( 2 )

Muslim is a term that contains all people who believe in Islam. It is not a religion. Islam is a religion. Men and women in Islam are Muslims . Being a Muslim has some conditions but it is parallel with Islamic beliefs.
However, Muslims seem like terrorists and unethical people because of that people in Islamic region did not follow the modern world and create new things to the new world. They only follow the person that they listen or watch on TV. They don't investigate and research the truth. That is why they are behind the new modern world and follow the wrong directories which cause many deaths with terrorist acts.

The meaning of life ( 1 )

Why there are people on earth ? Why people are more smart than animals ? Okay it can be evoloution but it can be about religious, too. How can we know the answers of questions ?

This question is on my mind for a while and "All i know is nothing" (See: Socrates)

Is life getting easier when you know you are going to die ? Or vice versa ?

Except those questions, the meaning of life is living a good life regardless of how long it takes

Cats as a therapist ( 2 )

My cat is already my therapist.

Friendship ( 5 )

Each new person in my life ,let me be disappointed.Since I was a kid ,the 'friendship' has very strong meaning for me.'Friendship never ends ' current meaning for me is that 'Friendship never existed'.

Rhcp ( 1 )

are an American funk rock band formed in 1983. " Can't Stop" and " Californication" are songs of this band.

Mr. I don't ( 3 )

He is a some kind superhero.

He has very special mottos own himself.

For Example: I don't want to - I don't come - I don't drink.

Some of his super powers are sprint speed and intelligence.

When "Mr. I don't" drinks tea, he becomes unbeatable.
But still i think he would be more powerfull if he drinks coffee, though.

Be careful where you look at, because "Mr. I don't" can be everywhere.

(See: ozzybuzzier)

My Best Memories In 5 Words ( 0 )

things that should not be warmed by microwave oven ( 0 )

when i was a child ( 4 )

i assumed that there was a god who takes our photographs on thunderstorm...

the most funny college memories ( 0 )

tinder ( 2 )

You can match girls who liked you. You can chat and meet them

what do you do with 10 dollars ( 0 )

favorite lyrics ( 0 )

the most tasteful burger i have ever eaten ( 0 )

things to say ex ( 0 )

Best decision of my life ( 0 )

Recommended Expectations to my future Spouse ( 0 )

Interesting wakening styles of mother ( 0 )

Advices from married one ( 0 )

Jaw locking ( 1 )

Terrible situation that I experienced after a volley ball hit my head. I couldn’t bite and talk for a couple hours.

The most hating moment ( 2 )

At a time, I was fall in love a girl but I could not say that to her. I told this to my best friend. You know that we need best friends for this type of problems. However, I was wrong.. After several weeks, He told “to my face” that they are dating! Actually, the most hating moment was that I congratulated him after he said this..