Big Hike for National Defence from Trump ( 1 )

Does this make America great again? I don't think so... It is a threat for human being. Making some spendings to national defence cause negative tension between U.S and other countries. Trump exactly threats us.

Quebec City mosque shooting ( 1 )

It is a sign that terrorist acts are not only Muslims act but also Christian's act. Terrorism does not concern religion. It is violence actions that terrorist manage people with a frightening propaganda.

Hewillnotdivideus act on 22nd January 2017 ( 1 )

It is the act that will continue during the Trump’s presidency. Community is invited to deliver the words “He will not divide us!” into a camera which is live-streamed whole day. The camera is mounted on a wall outside the Museum of the Moving Image. For me, It is glad to see that people from different culture and race come together and form beautiful harmony across the camera. One of them which is an Africa-American man, willingly sang his song even though the weather was very cold. It is