Yin-Yang Philosophy

How to Master Yourself? Yin-Yang Philosophy

The Concept

Majority believe that the famous symbol of Yin-Yang reflects religion, war, martial arts or even Korean Flag(I have no idea which Korea they talk about). In reality, Yin-Yang and its symbols reflects a different point of view. They describe that opposite or contrary concepts may actually be very compatible to each other. For instance; black and white, strong and weak, short and tall. If everyone had been the same height or strength, adjectives “tall” and “weak” would not have been included in dictionaries. Therefore; without weak, strong can not be exist.

Not Just Opposite

But not only contrary forces gets into this philosophy. Yin-Yang might also be referring to many things as long as they complete each other, such as men and women, space and time or MIND and BODY. Without women, men can not exist. For new generations to be born, men and women can not be separated. Likewise, the time(the forth dimension) can not flow without the first three dimensions which are the dimensions of the space.

Why is it important?

There are two underlined words in the previous paragraph. Mind and Body. For people to be mentally strong, they also have to keep a healthy body for their well-being. Have you ever wondered, why people become less intelligent as they get older. I have. Their bodies gets older with them as a natural response. An unhealthy body is going to struggle to keep a healthy brain as it struggles to sustain adequate amount of blood flow which assists the brain’s functioning. Without body’s health and natural strength, a mind can not serve with its full potential.
As Mustafa Kemal ATATURK states “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

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