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How to Overcome Depression? 4 Pillars

The concept

Depression is a mental disorder increasing generation after genetarion. It might occur for numerous reasons in different people. But reasons of depression have one identified core which is a LACK for a certain NEED.
When Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is analyzed(Even if it does not preserve its validity anymore), it is possible to see that there are variety of needs such as lack of love, respect, self-actualization or even safety that could trigger this painful headache.

What does depression do?

With a dangerous impact on blood flow, the amount of the blood that reaches the brain will decrease detrimentally which could easily lead to alzheimer, disfunctioning of organs, diabetes or even death. In the same way, depression could be deteriorating for the white cells in the blood which are called leukocytes that protects the body from any kind infectious diseases. Additionally, its pain is intolerable.

So, how to fight with depression?

Since its intense effect on brain, destroying our well-beings as individuals, priority would be keeping the brain healthy as much as possible. How do we keep it healthy?
Fish Oil: You do not have to listen to your brain cells’ scream, in order to understand their desire for omega 3 to reform themselves as the war goes on in there.
Exercise: The best cliche you have ever heard, and I want you to hear it again. There is no better way known than stabilizing the blood flow throughout the body which is the healthiest thing for the brain. Besides its lovely impact on serotonin, endorphin and dopamine levels, the hormones makes a person feel alive. Seriously.
Vitamin D: There might be countless supplements out there to provide vitamin D. But researchers urge that sufficient sun light could be the best option for ensuring it.
Social Satisfaction: This statement is not included for popularity or fame. Social satisfaction is not bounded with having so many friends or fans, shouting your name as you open your house’s door. It is bounded with having social connections. Having acceptance, belonging and a true bound among your social groups.
Some of these might be difficult to apply at the beginning as depression affects the mood and self-motivation. But once the benefits pop up, things will get better momentously.