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How to build a habit? Seinfeld Strategy

The Concept

Since human brain works on autopilot, habits can easily demonstrate their prominence and value in any area. Driving a car, brushing teeth or drinking water could be the examples of the brain working on the autopilot. Most of the actions people take in daily lives are represented by subconscious mind, rather than conscious mind. It is difficult to maintain an action that consumes willpower on a daily basis. On the other hand; once habits are built, it would be much more painful to procrastinate it than complete it.


Once these missions are owned, people can finally see a difference in themselves. Because conscious and subconscious minds are like two different sources of water. Conscious mind flows from a tiny tap whereas subconscious mind moves like the Atlantic Ocean. In the end, autopilot is going to reflect to
Social behaviours
Daily Goals
Good Nutrution
How to build habits?

There are numerous ways to form them. All of them requires self-discipline which makes them stick on the autopilot. Lack of self-discipline however, can ruin the whole process. But Seinfeld Strategy could be a perfect companion during the wars in our heads. It only requires to get a calendar and crossing the dates as completing the daily tasks. Existence of that little calendar would construct intense pressure that pushes the autopilot to do what needs to be done. After 21 days of crossing, a substantial difference will appear realistically