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How to Overcome Fear? 12 Needs
The main reason of fear, is threat of NEEDS' provision to be impeded. I will use fear of public speaking to give an example. Not all of these needs are valid for every fear in every situation. It might varies. But I tried to put everything together to make it detailed and put stars(*) at the beginning of the main needs. Lets see why are we afraid of public speaking.
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1) Physiological Needs: If this is a job opportunity, we might be afraid to not getting a job which could lead us to financial problems, as a result, we are not able to buy adequate food or water.
2) Safety: Financial problems could leave us insecure or even homeless.
3) Health: We can afford to see a doctor, if we have financial problems.
4)* Certainty: One of the main reasons we are afraid of public speaking. We can not control everything. We may skip a part or forget our word.
5) Future Safety : Losing a job opportunity or even having a low grade in a presentation before graduating from the university could risk one's future. Obviously, we are not doing public speaking for no reason.
6) Life Enjoyment: A failure in the attempt could leave the individual unhappy and prevent him/her from enjoying.
7) Love&Belonging: Failing in the school might cause a student's parents to get mad. As a result student might be afraid of losing love of the family.
8)* Respect&Appreciation: Another main reason for fear of public speaking. As humans we require acceptance of others and look attractive, successful or whatever to the eyes that are watching us.
9) Personality: We might have doubts on our personality which can lead us to a lower level of self-esteem.
10) Freedom: I do not see any reason to lose our freedom.
11) Mission: If we make a mistake, it might put our life's purpose in danger and create a sense of meaningless life.
12) Spiritual: If we do a bad job we might waste the times of the ones who have listened to us.