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welcoming the new year in Persian calendar and also the Spring.. Some people in Turkey celebrates this by jumping across a big fire.

Why we are here

We are here to be sin.


It makes you stronger unless you die;)


Biggest problem for human being.

Ed Sheeran

(See: Thinking Out Loud) Just listen...

Nintendo Switch

New page in console games.. I'm curious about New Donk City in Mario :D


Muslim is a term that contains all people who believe in Islam. It is not a religion. Islam is a religion. Men and women in Islam are Muslims . Being a Muslim has some conditions but it is parallel with Islamic beliefs.
However, Muslims seem like terrorists and unethical people because of that people in Islamic region did not follow the modern world and create new things to the new world. They only follow the person that they listen or watch on TV. They don't investigate and research the truth. That is why they are behind the new modern world and follow the wrong directories which cause many deaths with terrorist acts.


Traditional Africa-Brazilian dance. The main part of the Rio Carnival. Fast foot movements seems as if samba is a hard dance for me..

Samba School

Each samba school in Brazil has own rules. Samba ,originally African-Brazilian dance, is taught there. However, each samba school follows different rules that depends on the located neighborhood.

Rio Carnival

The most colorful and crowded carnival in the world.. People around the world dance and celebrate on 25th and 28th February. Samba schools represent their shows to the crowded on the street(See: Samba School). Of course,two million people per day dance samba on the street "FANTASTIC". (See: Samba)

Big Hike for National Defence from Trump

Does this make America great again? I don't think so... It is a threat for human being. Making some spendings to national defence cause negative tension between U.S and other countries. Trump exactly threats us.

Hey there! I'm using Whatsapp!

Please God.. Save Twitter.. It might be next victim of Snapchat..

Recreation of Nokia 3310

Trying to take attention with a classic. Furthermore, it is a marketing strategy to advertise Nokia 6 which is a smartphone.

Oscars 2017 Best Picture Crisis

This should not have happened in a huuuge organization like that. La La Land declared as a winner of best picture. However, Jordan Horowitz, La La Land producer, fixed the mistake and clarified the actual winner Moonlight which was very fairy movement...

Super Girl

Supergirl is ginger. She cooks delicious foods and has practical skills. She is always open-minded , open the new things and looking for the future.

Cats as a therapist

Cats look like they are authoritarian. Moreover, they show some unexpected behavior such as scratching , jumping etc. Therefore, their clients may probably become worse after the session than before the session.

The story in your mind: The Passenger

Consider you are one of the passengers at the bus. The bus driver take some passengers from behind doors. One of the passenger decline to send his card,which contains credit in order to use the bus,while the passengers are knowing his situation as a rude behavior.
What do you think about this situation? What would you do? Why don't the passenger send his card?

It was the situation in which I encountered one month ago. The person had to catch the bus and he got into the bus from behind door. He didn't send his card because of the fact that his card has been stolen two times. Furthermore, he complained that he have to pay for getting a new card although he is in a desperate situation.
He explained all the reasons above in the bus. After that, nobody objected to him due to his behavior because they thought that he was right. They knew that their world is a rivalry that makes people careless and immoral. It was the moment of the reality.

Mr. I don't

"Mr. I don't" has some family issues. These issues become permanent because of his childhood. He doesn't drink coffee since he always drunk tea in his childhood. He doesn't want to meet late hours because he usually got into his home at these hours. His life codes will not change easily. Love him..

Metallic Hydrogen Discovery

The most valuable matter of the world. It will effective in the range from transportation to home stuff in next decades.


first step to become a best friend or a boy/girl friend. In other words, "to be or not to be".

St. Valentine's Day

I heard different stories:
One of them, a woman having a platonic boyfriend sent a gift ,which is her photo, to him on this day and the tradition started.
Another story is known as usual. St. Valentine was a father in a Church at Roman Empire. Once, Marriage for young couples was prohibited by Rome. However, St. Valentine kept continue to marry these couple in secret. On 14th February, he catched and got killed for this action. Since then, couples celebrates this day as St. Valentine's day.

when i was a child

I played marriage game with two girls in my house.. Now, I hang out with only hairy guys..

Lionel Messi

adapts only Barca culture.. He is very succesful in club career but not national team career.

Quebec City mosque shooting

It is a sign that terrorist acts are not only Muslims act but also Christian's act. Terrorism does not concern religion. It is violence actions that terrorist manage people with a frightening propaganda.

Electric public transport

This is technology..


He is a Turkish specialist meat cooker called Nusr-et(Nusr-meat). His iconic salt spreading become famous all over the world. I didn't expect to see him on a t-shirt that Rihanna wear
edit 1- Sorry guys, it was photomontage: original photo

if i were a cat

I don't have a fear about height 'cause a cat has nine lives.

matrix theory

The course that I am not able to understand. I took the course but even Gilbert Strang couldn't help my issue... Thank you Math!

Hewillnotdivideus act on 22nd January 2017

It is the act that will continue during the Trump’s presidency. Community is invited to deliver the words “He will not divide us!” into a camera which is live-streamed whole day. The camera is mounted on a wall outside the Museum of the Moving Image. For me, It is glad to see that people from different culture and race come together and form beautiful harmony across the camera. One of them which is an Africa-American man, willingly sang his song even though the weather was very cold. It is

2017 Oscar Nominations

I am known as a movie advisor in my friend group but every Oscar nominations proves that I am not good at selecting good films. La La Land was the film that I didn’t know before Oscar Nominations… Then, I thought that this is because my friend’s preferred movies are scary, action and adventure… I am interested in larger scale about movies anymore.. I hope that they do not ignore me due to my choices. You know: personal bias.

Jaw locking

Terrible situation that I experienced after a volley ball hit my head. I couldn’t bite and talk for a couple hours.

The most hating moment

At a time, I was fall in love a girl but I could not say that to her. I told this to my best friend. You know that we need best friends for this type of problems. However, I was wrong.. After several weeks, He told “to my face” that they are dating! Actually, the most hating moment was that I congratulated him after he said this..