Paradict - Mr. I don't

Mr. I don't


He is a some kind superhero.

He has very special mottos own himself.

For Example: I don't want to - I don't come - I don't drink.

Some of his super powers are sprint speed and intelligence.

When "Mr. I don't" drinks tea, he becomes unbeatable.
But still i think he would be more powerfull if he drinks coffee, though.

Be careful where you look at, because "Mr. I don't" can be everywhere.

(See: ozzybuzzier)

"Mr. I don't" has some family issues. These issues become permanent because of his childhood. He doesn't drink coffee since he always drunk tea in his childhood. He doesn't want to meet late hours because he usually got into his home at these hours. His life codes will not change easily. Love him..

He is unexplained.
He can slang you anytime.

Best Authors of Title

  1. hiagaga
  2. gkdry
  3. ozzybuzzier
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