Paradict - The story in your mind: The Passenger

The story in your mind: The Passenger

What You Guess

Consider you are one of the passengers at the bus. The bus driver take some passengers from behind doors. One of the passenger decline to send his card,which contains credit in order to use the bus,while the passengers are knowing his situation as a rude behavior.
What do you think about this situation? What would you do? Why don't the passenger send his card?

It was the situation in which I encountered one month ago. The person had to catch the bus and he got into the bus from behind door. He didn't send his card because of the fact that his card has been stolen two times. Furthermore, he complained that he have to pay for getting a new card although he is in a desperate situation.
He explained all the reasons above in the bus. After that, nobody objected to him due to his behavior because they thought that he was right. They knew that their world is a rivalry that makes people careless and immoral. It was the moment of the reality.

The passenger may have some typic Turkish people features which is considering himself/herself as a brilliant brain. This brilliant brain's thoughts are ; The bus is very crowded, no one will say anything so that i can have a free ride.
Actually little different situation from this is a big problem for economy, too (See: Free rider problem)
And I don't have any energy for them. Because lack of ethic and sense of law are difficult to deal with it...

I can be supporter of that passenger because he lost his card two times in bus and the other reason of being supporter of that man is the situation of buses because they are always too crowded in Turkey. Competents of buses ignore the situation of buses and the man who didn't send the card can be right. Maybe you can thing as " other passengers sent their card." It is true idea but if everybody send their card in crowded buses the competents continue to ignore the situations of the buses. To sum up if someone doesn't send his card to make a strike againts to competents it can be right behaviour but if he makes cunning it will be false behaviour.

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